What are Aquarium Air Stone Ornaments?

aquarium air stone ornaments.

Aquarium air ornaments are decorative stones and ornaments used to decorate the aquarium water tank. If the air pump water filter runs in your aquarium, the air stones are the right pick. These will help create a more significant number of tiny bubbles rather than a more extensive and smaller number of bubbles.

The use of aquarium air stone ornaments can lift the practical usage of air pumps in conjunction with it. Here, you will be guided to know about the various aspects of the air stones.

How does it boost oxygen?

To increase the oxygen level in the aquarium, the air stones can significantly boost water circulation. If your filter is enough for the tank, it will already be procuring adequate water circulation, and the advantages of air stones and air pumps would be negligible and unnecessary.

The air stone would raise the water circulation more than undiffused air fed into the tank from an air pump. As a result, the bubble will also increase the surface area of the water more. But, the real benefit of the aquarium air stone ornament is increasing water circulation.

What type of stone to choose?

Well, the answer to this question entirely depends on your requirement. The concern here is whether to choose it based on material or shape and size. Compressed glass beads air stone is considered the best.

If your purpose is only for decoration, the shape depends identically on your taste. They all come in square, circle, and oval shapes and sizes.    

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