Know all about the Flavors of Durian

durian mao shan wang

Some of the fruits are evergreen they’ll be loved by us all time. With the rapidly developing time, the taste of the generation has also evolved. People now prefer something which has a great combination of bitter and sweet flavors. Durian mao shan wang fits the best for this sort of taste.

What is it?

Mao shan wang is an amazing option in durian that has been increasing its popularity in countries like Malaysia and China.  It is popularly known as Musang king in many countries. The rich creamy flavor of it addicts you to keep eating it.

Nowadays the durian parties are becoming very popular in Singapore where they not only enjoys the flavors of Mao shan wang but also of D13 and XO durian.


The Mao shan wang is very popular for it’s for its buttery texture

It has a thick, and bright yellow flesh flavor along, with a  touch of bitterness.

The underside of the husk, which has a dark green color, is shaped like a star. The thorns are not closely spaced and are pyramid-shaped. The thorns of the fruit are the one that makes it so different from the other fruit.

At the first glance at it, it leaves you quite confusing whether it is actually a fruit or not. But the massive flavors make you carve more.

The flavors of mao shan wang are what make it so desired. In Singapore, the Musang king is the best seller, in every other party their always the Musang king the king for all food.

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