Singapore Tour Packages – Singapore’s Most Beautiful Sights

Conveniently located at the tip of the Malay peninsula, the small island nation of Singapore has come a long way from being a humble fishing village into a truly intriguing and bustling place brimming with towering buildings, swanky shopping malls and classy restaurants. It’s amazing transformation has really established Singapore to become one of the most dynamic and innovative cities in southeast Asia. Singapore is relatively small in comparison with its neighbors, yet it still provides an assortment of activities and tourist attractions to keep travelers entertained and occupied throughout their stay. Now, Singapore offers the fun and amenities of a modern city life, from hanging out in the best beer pubs and wine caf├ęs to savoring an unbelievable assortment of sumptuous cuisines. Avail of the finest Singapore tour packages and revel in the best of the vibrant city.

  • A mix of urban life and unspoiled sceneries

Singapore is surprisingly an intriguing combination of urban bustle and rural charm. Indeed, while the city is well known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and lively nightlife, it is in itself a gorgeous mosaic of charmingly elegant landscapes, classic historic sites, and cultural traditions. Enjoy some of the best tour packages from singapore and find the chance to have the world’s loveliest and most relaxing areas.

tour packages from singapore

  • A beautiful and green retreat

Should you plan a week in Singapore, you can have a look at the nation’s botanic gardens. For decades, the botanic gardens have reflected distinctive artistry and subtle aesthetics. Aside from being host to a plethora of horticultural attractions like the national orchid garden and ginger garden, the gardens offer plenty of recreational activities for people and nature lovers to indulge in, such as photography and bird watching. There is also a very small remnant of the original forest that serves as a home to a huge array of native species, including forest giants and other identifying wildlife.

  • A charming island resort

Head out to Singapore’s sophisticated island hotel and experience an oasis of unique charm and refinement. Only a fifteen-minute ride from town, sentosa island has all of the elements of a quaint and stunning site. The island has a large number of multi-themed tourist attractions, a fabulous coastline of golden beaches, turquoise waters, comfy spa clinics, world class golf courses, hotel accommodations, and a trendy yachting marina. There is a plethora of recreational amenities, and also the leisure is endless. The entire area is a lively yet comforting retreat for both locals and tourists alike.

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